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Facial Treatment

Consumers' requirements for the beauty and health industry continue to increase, and the education of the industry has also been evolving. In the past, the training of practitioners mainly followed the apprenticeship system, and some of them were taught in accordance with industry standards. With the improvement on living standards and rapid changes in technology and trends, practitioners must also upgrade themselves. The requirement on enhancing the professional level of practitioners and the competitiveness of the industry through certification by the Quality Framework (QF) or other international organizations are in demand.

GABHES is committed to promote the evolution of education and talent cultivation in the beauty industry. In addition to the traditional professional beauty courses, we will introduce the latest skills on management, business operations, marketing and other courses. Students can enhance their professionalism in the area of technology and management operations.

Business Team

With the increasing popularity of online learning and the increasing importance of social media, talent cultivation is not limited to the physical classroom. Therefore, GABHES will provide entrepreneurs/corporate consultants and career and business development services to students, so that they can catch the market trend and stand out from the market.

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