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Teaching Team


Maggie Leung 
Supervisor and School Founder 

Maggie has been in the beauty industry for more than 30 years and has obtained many internationally recognized professional beauty diplomas and certificates, and also an MBA. She is a successful entrepreneur and training instructor, also a Hong Kong registered nurse. Since 2005, Maggie has been representing the beauty industry and participating in various public positions, including the chairmen, vice-chairmen and committees of a number of beauty industry-related associations. She has also participated in several course accreditation exercises as judge panel. Maggie hopes to utilise her professional beauty knowledge, market sense and innovative thinking to lead the beauty industry into next level.


Angela Chan

Angela Chan is an esteemed professional with an extensive career spanning over three decades in the beauty industry, management, and beauty education. She has been instrumental in shaping the careers of numerous practitioners in the field. Angela firmly believes in the power of professionalism as a driving force for the growth of the beauty industry. She is dedicated to not only imparting relevant knowledge, skills, and professional attitudes to her students, but also introducing cutting-edge certificate courses to foster industry-wide advancement.

In her relentless pursuit of fostering progress and development in the beauty industry, Angela has held various public positions over the years, including:

  • Chair, Beauty Professional Qualification Affairs Committee, Federation of Beauty Industry (H.K.) (FBIHK) (2023-2024)

  • Minister of Education, Korea International Beauty Health General Union (2023-2024)

  • Elected Member, Education and Training Task Group, Hong Kong Qualifications Framework Hairdressing & Beauty Industry (2022-2024)

  • Training Committee Member, Vocational Training Council (VTC) (2023-2025)

  • Member, Beauty Industry ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ Working Committee, Beauty and Hairdressing Industry Training Committee (2019-2022); Elected Member, Medical Device (Related to Beauty) Regulation Working Group (2015-2017); Elected Member, Professional Competence Assessment Group (2015-2017)

  • Assessment Group Member, ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ Assessment Agency (Beauty Industry), CICE Caritas Community College (2022-2025); Assessor, Recognition of Prior Learning (Beauty Industry) (2022-2025)

Through these roles, Angela has made significant strides in promoting the professionalization and development of the beauty industry, thereby contributing substantially to the progress of the industry.

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Frankie Leung
Education & Development Manager

With more than 20 years of marketing and training experience, Frankie is a seasoned master trainer full of enthusiasm for cultivating new talent.  Graduated with a master's degree in education management, Frankie has served in many multinational corporate training departments, institutions and is particularly good at designing talent development courses and corporate management training programs. In 2008, Frankie co-authored a book with a professor in talent training called "Training: Starting from Zero". 

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Joyce Wong
Course Leader - Device & Professional Development

Joyce is passionate about teaching and she has over 15 years of experience in beauty and training. She has obtained many internationally recognized diplomas and certificates. She is particularly good at designing courses on beauty device training. Joyce is committed to passing on her professional knowledge to the students to enhance their competitiveness.


Lilian Chan


Lilian has more than 17 years of practical experience in cosmetology and training, and has several internationally recognized professional cosmetology diplomas, including professional cosmetologist, belly stretching, prolactinist certificate, stretching instructor certificate and professional training instructor certificate.

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